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David Gundermann

David Gundermann,

BSc '06, PhD 

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Alumni Week Q&A

What is your fondest memory from U of G?

My fondest memory from U of G is the process of discovering my true passion and finding the opportunities to follow that passion as far as it went. I have always been interested in personal health and athleticism, but my classes at U of G started to challenge the way I thought about nutrition and metabolism. So I embarked on two semesters of independent studies with my favourite physiology professor and explored the burning questions I had about muscle metabolism. This experience and the rapport I built with my advisor redirected my path into pursuing the research questions I had in academia. It was this experience that shaped my further education and career and changed my life forever.


What values did U of G instill in you that you carry to this day?

Curiosity is a value that I hold deeply for myself and something I gravitate towards in other people, but I wasn’t always as curious as I am today. My time at U of G really developed my curious brain as I was constantly asking more questions, sometimes even beyond the scope of the course, until I understood the full picture. This degree of curiosity has developed into a key part of my personality that has been instrumental in forming well-developed opinions and decision-making in everyday life.


What is one piece of advice you want to give to current and future U of G students?

University has a lot more to offer than just achieving good grades, graduating and moving on. It’s also a time for self-discovery. It is easy to be hyper-focused on doing well on exams that other aspects of life can be sacrificed. One sacrifice you don’t want to make is not continuing to learn about yourself. Having a plan and knowing that path is great, but being self-aware, letting yourself evolve and change with your passions, and continuing to explore your options may allow for a course correction and potentially deeper fulfillment down the road.


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