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Jocelyn Fausto Kohlmaier, B.Sc ' 91, MSc '96



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Jocelyn Fausto Kohlmaier,

BSc ' 91, MSc '96

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Alumni Week Q&A

What is your fondest memory from U of G?

I have so many fond memories at U of G, it’s hard to pick just one! I loved exploring the beautiful campus: from picnics and naps on Johnston Green, to dancing at the Bullring, ping-pong tournaments in the Grad Lounge, and playing intramural hockey, broomball, and water-polo in the at-the-time newly constructed Athletic Center (where a picture of my husband still graces the wall as a soccer star). The annual College Royal showcase was always a highlight, for which I remember proudly sharing the displays I helped make with my family and friends.


What values did U of G instill in you that you carry to this day?

Throughout my life, I have kept many of the values instilled in me from my days at U of G. The top three are: environmental awareness and our role as ecological stewards of the earth; the value of broad education and critical thinking; and lastly, the values of collaboration and teamwork. It's been 30 years since I graduated with my undergraduate degree and I am proud of how the University of Guelph was a pioneer and global leader in raising awareness of environmental issues, climate change and our responsibility as stewards of our beautiful planet.


What is one piece of advice you want to give to current and future U of G students?

My advice would be to not worry so much about figuring out exactly what your career is going to be, but rather focus on getting a great education that will teach you skills for thriving in a changing environment. There are countless people out there who have taken so many different roads to build a successful career. All the exponential changes in science and technology have placed us at an interesting time in history, and a CBS education can position you well for the future. Treasure your time at U of G!


What are you most excited about for the CBS 50th anniversary/Alumni Week? 

I am excited about some of the interesting lectures in the Virtual Program and participating in the virtual wine tasting event with some of my U of G friends! The CBS 50th anniversary is a huge milestone and I am proud of U of G’s continuing excellent reputation in research and for being recognized as one of the top universities in Canada!


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