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Avery Meron BA '14

Avery Meron, BA '14

Sales/Marketing/Community Engagement with Royal City Brewing & pursuing a new career in Firefighting


What is your favourite memory from U of G?

My favourite memory from U of G is definitely all the connections I made along the way. From developing lifelong friendships to networking with professors within my field- those 4 years were monumental in helping me to cultivate a relationship with this city in general. Since graduating, it's been incredible to see how all these relationships circle back around. I'm often running into old friends and fellow U of G grads in my current line of work.


What is your GOLD Moment since you've graduated from U of G?

My GOLD moment since graduating is when all my experiences through my current career, education, volunteer work and personal life all connected and I realized that Firefighting was the next step for me in my career. It seems as time continues to go on, more and more dots are connected! 


What advice would you give our 2021 graduates who are entering our Alumni Family (tonight/June 24)?

To all the graduates of 2021, you've already overcome so many unique challenges with the ongoing pandemic that have prepared you for the wacky and unpredictable world you're about to enter- this is a historic time to be graduating! My advice to you is to never stop learning- graduating does not mean we should stop evolving or trying to expand on our own perspectives and opinions. Continue this practice by listening to others and exercising compassion, kindness and open-mindedness.


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