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Lauren Kurtz, BComm '15

Lauren Kurtz

Lauren Kurtz,

BComm '15

Founder Après Actif — luxe lounge and active apparel


What is your favourite memory from U of G?

Lianne Foti’s Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour course really opened my eyes to the importance of brand positioning. I have always been fascinated by the psychology behind consumer decision making and it has tremendously impacted the way I market Après and interact with our customers.


What is your GOLD Moment since you've graduated from U of G?

I set a goal to sell my first piece of clothing by my 25th birthday. At the time I was 23, I had no experience in fashion but was determined to figure it out along the way. The GOLD moment would be my first Après Actif launch on my 25th birthday – which sold out in 2 days. Proof that if it’s something you’re truly passionate about, you will stand out. One of my favourite quotes “there are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves”


What advice would you give our 2021 graduates who are entering our Alumni Family (tonight/June 24)?

Needing nothing attracts everything. Give without expectation, and add value because it aligns with your purpose, not to get something in return.

Additional advice:

#1 Stop talking yourself out of it. If it's your friends talking you out of it, find new ones.

#2 Cut negativity and pessimism, add positivity and optimism.

#3 Always remember: No one has the same unique personality or story as you.

#4 Find something you are passionate about, continue to educate yourself on the subject and add as much value as you can without expectation.

Be kind. Be authentic.


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