Christina Crowley-Arklie, B.Comm. '09 | Alumni | University of Guelph

Christina Crowley-Arklie, B.Comm. '09

Why do you choose to stay connected to U of G?

I have felt such an affinity to the University of Guelph since my days as a student, which is why I feel the need to give back to a place that gave me so much. The University really was a ‘community’ of incredible friends and acquaintances... where I happened to get my education too. I always joke I got the best ‘two-for-one’ deal by attending the University of Guelph. I not only graduated with my Bachelor of Commerce degree in Agriculture Business, but I also met my husband Andrew on the steps of Johnston Hall.

What makes you most proud to be a Gryphon?

There are too many things to list here – what it really comes down to is people and culture. All the best people I meet in social and work circles turn out to be Gryphons. It’s that ‘Guelphiness’ so many of us reference that we can’t quite explain or put words to. The people who attend and work at the University of Guelph are committed to something far bigger than themselves, which the ‘Improve Life’ tagline speaks to so perfectly. Guelph is leader in so many areas that are critical in today’s world – research, agriculture & food, climate change, inclusion & diversity, business, athletics and so much more – all which make me so proud to be a Gryphon.

What's your favourite part of being on the UGAA board?

I love serving my fellow alumni on the UGAA Board and giving back to create opportunities for us all to stay connected. Meeting and networking with so many incredible alumni (and soon-to-be alumni!) is what gives me such pride to sit around the boardroom table. Recognizing the incredible accomplishments of our alumni, bringing more of us together, and having more of our alumni recognize the work that that the UGAA does, are all reasons why I enjoy serving on the board.

What’s your favourite Guelph tradition?

This one is SO tough because I love a Bob’s Dog, but I’d have to go with painting the cannon since I did it a number of times while involved with College Royal on campus. There was no better feeling of getting the job done late at night… and then standing guard into the wee hours of the morning to make sure no one painted over top of your work!

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