Discount to Bill Nye the Science Guy “The End Is Nye" Show

Posted: Mar 17, 2023

Bill Nye will present his new live show, “The End Is Nye” that will take the audience through his history as The Science Guy, his mission to increase scientific literacy,and what we can do to mitigate climate change. And he will do it in his unique, funny, and engaging way, as only Bill Nye can.

Use code BN200 for 10% off ticket purchases (excludes VIP) as a special promotion for the University of Guelph.

Engineer, comedian, author, and inventor, audiences revere this good-natured Renaissance man’s infectious blend of humor, intellectual curiosity, and devotion to solving some of the world’s most complex challenges through science. Best known for his 18-time Emmy-winning run as “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, he brings his love of science and flair for comedy to every appearance – deftly translating complex issues to help inspire audiences of all ages to engage with and improve our world.

Show Dates: March 27, 2023, Centre in the Square, Kitchener,

Join us for an eye-opening, funny, informative, incredible evening with every Earthling’s favourite scientist. For more information or to access tickets or VIP packages, go to or the venue website. Watch the trailer here:


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