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Experiential learning is a highly effective way of fostering deep learning, and the College of Biological Science wishes to offer at least one meaningful, authentic experiential learning opportunity for each student during their tenure with us.

We are seeking to raise more than $50,000 to provide deeper learning experiences for our students.


Students learn effectively through experience. It not only impacts their education, but it lays the foundation for positive personal growth and development. It gives them hands-on, real-life training in their given field and allows them to create ties with industry professionals, their peers and the community.

Supporting an experiential learning experience, like the one proposed here, affects more than one student. Those who work with and rely on our graduates in the years to come will feel the benefits of this initiative. 


Our goal is two-fold: to offer more experiential learning opportunities and expand the type of experiences we are able to support. Specifically, we want to expand our abilities to offer more research assistantships, give more students the chance to present their work nationally and internationally and develop more experiential training modules.

Investment in this initiative will go towards increasing:

    • Undergraduate student research assistantships
    • Undergraduate travel grants
    • Graduate level experiential learning
    • Graduate student conference travel awards
    • Co-op undergraduate student placement research awards 

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