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Chair in Insect Ecology

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Climate change is having a major impact on the distribution of species, with some insect species becoming locally extinct while others move into new territories. When beneficial species, such as pollinators disappear, their services need to be replaced. While new invasive species put different pressures on plant production and can become potential disease vectors.

To manage these various threats proactively, we need research expertise in quantitative insect ecology. The School of Environmental Sciences (SES) is looking to raise $1.5 million to create a Chair in Insect Ecology.


Climate change is happening, and how well we respond, whether measured by human health, environmental sustainability or economic impact, will depend on being proactive rather than reactive. The Chair in Insect Ecology will bring key expertise and research to address the impacts of changes in insect populations.

The Chair will also complement existing strengths as well as keeping the University of Guelph a leader in advancing environmental sustainability. 


The best way to prevent the impact of climate change on insect populations is to lead comprehensive research projects and train the next generation of scientists. By investing in a Chair in Insect Ecology we will help bolster our existing leadership in the general area of applied entomology and make a positive impact on our ecosystems. 

The Chair in Insect Ecology will:

    • Research fundamental ecological change brought on by the changing climate
    • Work with future simulations to predict population changes and their impacts
    • Explore ways to maintain a healthy agricultural system
    • Strengthen linkages between atmospheric scientists working on the physical aspects of climate change and faculty working in the broad area of applied entomology

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