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The University of Guelph DRIVE lab is a testing environment for a multidisciplinary team from Psychology/Neuroscience, Computer Science, and Engineering, to study driver behaviour and crash risk. Our goal is to raise $1,600,000 to increase the research capacity of the lab through student support and infrastructure.



Collisions are a leading cause of injury and death (World Health Organization, 2015). Research on driving can help decrease the number of collisions.

Research conducted in the DRIVE lab tests novel in-vehicle technologies on actual drivers before introduction to the market. Biomechanical analyses are used to improve the design of vehicle controls to optimize them for older drivers.

The potential impact of the research and interdisciplinary studies being done in the DRIVE lab is immeasurable. Furthermore, graduates from our program will end up being the next generation of innovators in this field. Supporting this lab will continue to encourage innovation, reduce automobile collisions and improve life.


The goal of the DRIVE lab is to reduce automobile collisions. Information from this research is relevant to public policy, the insurance industry, and automobile and related industries. The lab provides a unique and valuable multi-disciplinary training environment for students, allowing them to gain skills that they would not be able to learn elsewhere.

Supporting this exceptional lab means supporting students from multiple disciplines and contributing to development and evaluation of new technologies.

Support for this initiative will result in:

    • A named postdoctoral fellowship
    • Scholarship support for graduate students including travel scholarships
    • Co-op placements
    • Enhanced equipment and technology

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