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Calling all U of G faculty, staff and students with great ideas to Improve Life on campus!

U of G students, staff or faculty with projects that will improve life and make U of G an even better place are eligible to apply for Gryphons Care funding. We look forward to seeing your unique approaches to improving life in this remote environment.

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Apply for funding up to $2,000 from Gryphons Care donors:

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  • 2. Include a 3 minute video to pitch your idea to donors

Applications ARE CLOSED

Application closes Wednesday February 24, 2021

Projects must be completed by end of Summer 2021



Gryphons Care Applicants

*Funds provided through donations from faculty and staff Gryphons Care donors.


Looking for project ideas?

Check out our past winners:

Fall 2020 Project Updates:

Community Fridge on Guelph Campus

MealCare Guelph, Student Group

MealCare Guelph will receive funding to implement a community fridge on the U of G campus. This project will provide access to fresh, nutritious food to students/staff who are food insecure. The implementation of a community fridge aims to reduce stigma surrounding food-insecurity by making food acquisition easier.


Nature Throughout the Seasons for International Students and New Canadians

Kitty Lin, Arboretum Staff

This project will be a series of interpretive programs at The Arboretum designed to introduce international students and new Canadians to local biodiversity in the Guelph area. This new Arboretum series will feature different aspects of nature throughout the seasons to help participants feel more connected to the environment and at home in a new country.


FAll '19 Winners

Science to Business Network

The Science to Business Network will be given funds to support three upcoming professional development sessions: a women in STEM panel discussion, a science communication workshop, and a professional resume building workshop.


Society of Computing and Information Science

The Society of Computing and Information Science will receive funds to support student travel to conferences like DroidCon and CS Games.


Pathobiology Graduate Student Committee

The Pathobiology Graduate Student Committee will be given funds to purchase two standing desks for their graduate student workspace.


WINTER '20 Winners

Queer in STEM: LGBTQ+ Awareness in the Workplace

Chloe Robinson

Queer in STEM: LGBTQ+ Awareness in the Workplace has been awarded funds to support programming that will raise awareness of LGBTQ+ identifying staff and students at UofG, specifically in STEM fields. This programming will help build an LGBTQ+ professional network at UofG. This project was pitched by a post-doctoral student in Integrative Biology.



Animal Memorial Event

Martha Smith, Jennifer Frayne and Lena Levison

This campus event honours the animals used in teaching and research at UofG. In the past, The University used to run a memorial of this kind but it has lost momentum in recent years. Gryphons Care helped this event run again in May 2019. This event offers those on campus an opportunity to recognize and remember all the contributions made by these animals in a respectful and thoughtful way.


MealCare: UofG Chapter

Kiana Gibson and David Sahai

Spearheaded by students Kiana Gibson and David Sahai—MealCare’s mission is to divert surplus leftover food from campus cafeterias and eateries to the CSA and local food banks. Gryphons Care funding helped Kiana and David grow their program. The funds helped them recruit new volunteers, buy cooler bags to help transport food and access resources in the community so more food could be brought off-campus to city food banks.

David Sahai

Kiana Gibson


Youth Action on Climate Change

Taylor Paradis

Stemming from the Environmental Governance department, this annual conference is a coalition between UofG and high school students in Guelph. University mentors work with high school mentees to generate creative solutions to climate change. Gryphons Care funding helped this important coalition with their next mentor/mentee event..



Katrina Bell and Kaitlyn Edwards

This project was spearheaded by AA&D staff. Katrina Bell and Kaitlyn Edwards successfully pitched their idea to bring treats and eats to students during the busy spring exam season. Students will be able to “wish” for a gourmet coffee or perhaps a favourite meal from the Bull Ring via social media and volunteers hand-delivered these desired items to the student anywhere on campus. This program boosted spirits for students & volunteers and generated fabulous social media content for AA&D’s social followers. This project was featured in the local news:

L-R: Wendy Banks, Lisa Hood, Kaitlyn Edwards and Elizabeth Rauchenstein


U of G Labyrinth Project

Andrew Hyde

U of G students, faculty and staff will have regular opportunities to access a labyrinth for meditation or prayer on campus. A large portable canvass labyrinth will be created by students and the Ecumenical Campus Minister this spring. The Labyrinth is an ancient, concentric, walking path design used across different cultures and times, for the purpose of meditation, contemplation, or prayer. Labyrinths can be symbolic of many things - a life’s journey, a safe place, new birth, creation - it’s up to the person walking it. Each experience walking a labyrinth is unique. Keep an eye out for opportunities to access this labyrinth this summer and tend to your holistic well-being.

L-R: Andrew Hyde

U of G Hyperloop Competition Phase 1

Madison Plumb and Murtaza Bahrainwala

A talented group of U of G students are designing and building the first version of the Guelph Hyperloop. The unique design represents their vision of how the Hyperloop transportation system will function. They have completed their designs and are building their functional frame and rail testing system. They plan on testing their design this summer. The group will be applying to compete in the Hyperloop Competition this fall with the hopes of qualifying to compete in California in 2019.

L-R: Andrew Newton, Murtaza Bahrainwala, Brennan Jay, and Jonathan Soper, Dr. Matthew Demers (Donor), Lisa Hood (Donor), Dr. Dan Gillis (Donor)

Empowering Women in STEM

Mary Bergin 

With funding from Gryphons Care, UofG students were able to access conferences like the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing in Halifax. Opportunities to attend such conferences allow women in STEM to gain confidence in male-dominated industries.

"Being able to attend CAN-CWIC and be surrounded by other women who are interested in computing like me was a very inspiring and life-changing experience. Through talking to other women and attending various diversity talks I felt a strong sense of community and learned lots about the industry in which I have chosen to pursue. I wish that everyone could attend a conference like this in their life to motivate them and inspire them to pursue their dreams. CAN-CWIC was an enriching experience that has changed my outlook on women in computers and has had a positive lasting impact on my life. " - Jade Legare 2nd Year, Software Engineering.


Guelph Graduate Mental Health Conference

Nicole Leibowitz

The second annual Graduate Mental Health Conference and Awareness Week took place January 19, 2019. This conference was directed towards graduate students for unmet mental health needs on campus, by providing a safe platform to gather, discuss and create solutions for our campus. Look out for the third annual event in 2020!




Guelph Graduate Mental Health Conference and Awareness Week

Krista Miller & Curtis Holmes

The first annual Graduate Mental Health Conference and Awareness Week was January 22-27th 2018. This week long conference was directed towards graduate students for unmet mental health needs on campus, by providing a safe platform to gather, discuss and create solutions for our campus.

L-R: Lisa Hood (Donor), Curtis Holmes, Krista Miller, Lynne Mitchell (Donor), Jason Moreton (Donor)


Sofia Fiorino, Kira Valentine, Madelyn Tabakos & Jordie Fischer

Wast(ED) was a cook off challenge during College Royal 2018 that brought together top chefs from the Guelph community. The challenge was to use collected edible food waste to prepare a gourmet meal. Three professional chefs competed for 30 minutes and developed outstanding creations out of vegetable ash (grilled and dehydrated carrot and onion peels), chick pea water (aqua faba) and kale stems. This event was part of an educational campaign to teach students how to reduce their edible food waste.

L-R: Lisa Hood (Donor), Lynne Mitchell (Donor), Sofia Fiorino, Kira Valentine, Madelyn Tabakos, Jordie Fischer, Jason Moreton (Donor)



Faculty and staff who want to Improve Life at U of G joined together to create Gryphons Care.


Is Gryphons Care for you?

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to a special project on campus
  • Your donations go further by joining colleagues to create powerful impact at U of G
  • Your attendance is required at only two presentation meetings (October and February)

How does it work?

  • You join Gryphons Care!
  • Each member donates $25/pay for 1 year
  • We meet twice a year to hear presentations from U of G community members (students, faculty & staff)
  • We select projects that will improve life on campus
  • We agree to direct group financial support to the majority-voted project
  • To ensure safety and social distancing measures, we will be reviewing applicant video presentations and voting remotely for the 2020-2021 academic year



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