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Posted: Jul 13, 2021

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Compassionate Leadership: What It Is and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

As a leader, you continuously influence the work environment and create culture through your actions and reactions. But do you do this consciously and self-reflexively? Or do you find yourself acting on auto-pilot? Imagine the creative possibilities if you could mindfully and deliberately create conditions for people in your workplace to thrive even in challenging times. Compassionate leadership makes people the goal. By employing a practice of compassionate leadership, you gain the ability to navigate challenging situations marked by distress and suffering with a focus on connecting and supporting. This practice allows you to build trust and enable creativity, agility, and productivity in your workplace. In this session, you will explore the foundations and four aspects of compassion, drawing from current research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology, and learn skills and strategies to enable you to implement a practice of compassionate leadership. Increase your day-to-day impact at work and be active in intentionally shaping the success of your workplace as a compassionate leader. Upon successful completion of both components of the training (virtual training sessions and independent online assessment), you will earn a digital badge in Compassionate Leadership.

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The Grim Reaper Effect: Using Management Science and Research to Improve Communication of Bad News at Work

Learning how to effectively deliver bad news at work can be instrumental in maintaining positive relationships with employees at work (at the individual and group level), mitigating reputational risk associated with communication of negative events, and reducing employee’s likelihood to engage in wrongful dismissal or bad faith-based lawsuits. This professional development session aims to help you maintain positive relationships with employees — both those whom you oversee and those to whom you report — and explore internal contradictions you feel during this process. The session will walk you through strategies for planning, delivery of bad news, and post-delivery management. 

Research shows that organizational agents struggle with the delivery of bad news in the workplace (e.g., poor performance reviews, dismissals, workforce reductions, business unit level changes, reorganization, non-selection for opportunities at work, etc.). However, there is little development, training, and investment in evidence-based best practices to guide communicators/leaders during negative events. The result is significant variations in what message is sent, how it is sent and how it is received.

In this intensive program, you will learn how to effectively frame, manage, and deliver bad news in the workplace. You will explore topics and engage in activities that are directly transferrable to your role in guiding employee performance improvement, managing dismissals, and restructuring.

Upon successful completion of both components of the training (virtual training sessions and Skills-Based Assessment), you will earn a digital badge in Communicating Bad News at Work.

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