Donor Impact Series: TD Fuels Wild Ontario's Mission for Environmental Education and Conservation

Posted: Feb 09, 2024



The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) has made a significant contribution to Wild Ontario, an environmental and science education program in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph. The generous donation from TD is helping to advance Wild Ontario’s mission to teach biology, ecology, and conservation, and to engage people with nature.

Wild Ontario, known for its innovative approach to environmental education, utilizes hands-on and experiential learning opportunities to engage U of G student volunteers and the wider community. The funding boost has allowed for an increase in live-animal presentations, bringing the wonders of Ontario's wildlife directly into classrooms and community gatherings, and igniting a sense of curiosity and wonder among participants.

TD's philanthropic giving supports Wild Ontario's crucial efforts in caring for and rehabilitating resident native birds of prey. These birds, unable to return to the wild, find sanctuary and purpose through Wild Ontario's programs. Thank you, TD, for investing in a new generation of environmental stewards passionate about conserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of Ontario.


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