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2010 Shirley Surgeoner, B.A. Sc. '72

Judy Maddren

Shirley Surgeoner
B.A. Sc. '72

Shirley Surgeoner, B.A. Sc. ’72, is a tireless advocate of both the University of Guelph and the Mac-FACS-FRAN Alumni Association. Surgeoner joined the Mac-FACS Alumni Association executive in 1993, and also became an Alumni Senator on the University of Guelph Senate.

When the College of Social and Applied Human Science was created in 1998, Surgeoner played a pivotal role in the restructuring and multi-year transition. She was an alumni advisor on the Dean’s Restructuring Committee and chaired the Ad Hoc College Restructuring Committee from 1996-98. She also provided leadership in developing a new contractual agreement between the Mac-FACS Alumni Association and the University in 2001, which stabilized funding arrangements for 12 scholarships.

Along with co-chair Rosemeary Clark, Surgeoner took on the challenge of coordinating the Macdonald Institute Centenary celebrations on behalf of the alumni community. The celebratory event re-energized the Mac-FACS Alumni Association and helped launch the Macdonald Institute Restoration Fundraising Project.  Surgeoner made the first leadership gift to the project, which has generated more than $500,000 from more than 850 alumni donors.

Besides her volunteer work, Surgeoner ran her own business for many years, taught entrepreneurship courses for women, and raised three children. She is the also the recipient of the Lincoln Alexander Medal of Distinguished Services, in recognition of her many years of volunteer leadership.

The University of Guelph Alumni Association named Shirley Surgeoner as the recipient of the Alumni Volunteer Award in 2010.


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