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Friends of University of Guelph Inc. is a certified and registered non-profit corporation in the U.S. [501(c)(3)]. It enables U.S. residents, who are non-alumni, to make charitable contributions to the University of Guelph. Charitable gifts made to the Friends of University of Guelph Inc. are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes and are recognized and accepted by the US Internal Revenue Service. The IRS Employer ID is 51 0189191. Please direct inquiries to


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2023 Board of Directors

Mr. Rod Jendrysik, BSc 1991

Dr. George (Bert) Mitchell, DVM 1964

Mr. Christopher Naese, BSc (Agr) 1985

Mr. J. Donald Watt, BSc (Eng) 1968

Mr. J. Donald Watt

Ms. Janet L. Bumstead, BComm 1996

Mr. Lorne Pollard, BSc (Eng) 1967

Mrs. Derin Denham

Duncan Malcolm

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Alumni Affairs and Development builds lifelong relationships with alumni, parents, staff, faculty and friends of the University of Guelph. We raise funds to support the University and advance its mission to improve life.

Charitable Registration Number:
10816 1829 RR 0001


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