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To retain our position as a leader in International Development Studies (IDS) in Canada, support the establishment of the Guelph Institute for Development Studies (GIDS) and revitalize our undergraduate and graduate programs, we are looking to raise $2,650,000. Funds raised will support revitalization of the IDS program to empower our students to bring about positive and inclusive change in the world.


To be successful in the field of International Development, the U of G must be able to bridge the gap between policy and practice and come up with solutions that promote positive and inclusive change in the world, both in Canada and internationally.

The IDS program is committed to and passionate about the success of our students. With additional support, we can continue to create professionals who are well equipped with academic, professional and practical skills to improve life by addressing the world’s poverty, food security and sustainability issues. 


The study of International Development has never been more important. By investing today, the U of G can launch innovative new programs including a new interdisciplinary Master’s in Food Security, increase enrollment and allow increased access by our students to experiential learning opportunities.

This initiative has five goals to:

    • Create space for collaborative group learning
    • Establish a Chair in International Development
    • Introduce two annual field schools
    • Create a Knowledge Exchange Chair to allow for leaders in the field to spend 6-12 months on campus
    • Support the Scholars at Risk program

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