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Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute

Life depends on freshwater. Freshwater shapes and sustains ecosystems. It propels societal progress. It is essential to the health and prosperity of both communities and individuals. Freshwater is an irreplaceable element of agriculture, power generation and industry. Increasingly, freshwater is even a critical component of economic and political stability. Recently renamed in honour of visionary philanthropist Ted Morwick, the Institute is a multi-disciplinary research hub with 15 principal investigators guiding a team of more than 50 post‐doctoral fellows, research staff, graduate students, visiting scientists and technicians. 



The Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute is at the heart of the University of Guelph’s goal of improving life as the Institute develops sustainable responses to the threats that contamination, climate change and overuse pose to our groundwater, an irreplaceable building block of human and ecological health. The vision for the Institute is simple, but vital: generate global respect for groundwater through field research. Specifically, the Institute delivers world-class research that helps foster evidence-informed groundwater stewardship worldwide. 

Research Goals

The Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute is transforming our understanding of subsurface water and leading the groundwater industry toward more responsible and sustainable practices. With more than 50 research sites around the world, we continue to push for new breakthroughs in critical groundwater quality and quantity issues:

  • Bedrock Aquifers: addressing groundwater supply from bedrock aquifers and investigating everything from contaminant transport to soil system modelling. 
  • Fractured-Rock Groundwater Environments: developing tools for exploring the complex subsurface systems containing significant zones of broken and cracked rock.
  • Contaminated Bedrock Aquifers: investigating, typically, industrial sites with long-term (20-60 years) contamination in sedimentary bedrock.
  • Aquitards: advancing the characterization of aquitard units through a combination of methods to determine physical, chemical and microbial properties.
  • New Tools: developing new methods and technologies for investigating the subsurface by adding to the list of Institute-created technologies such as the COREDFN (Discrete Fracture Network) high-resolution matrix diffusion analysis system and Active Line Source (ALS) wireline temperature logging.

The Power of Your Gift

Our funding priorities include the completion of the resourcing framework for the Morwick Groundwater Research Centre, as well as support for the ongoing work of the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute. 

Morwick Groundwater Research Centre:

  • Main Auditorium/Classroom: Naming rights for the auditorium/classroom are valued at $1,000,000.
  • Rock Core Library and Technology Storage Facility: Naming rights for the library and technology storage facility are valued at $500,000.
  • Outdoor Education Patio: Naming rights for the 572-square foot patio are valued at $250,000.
  • Morwick Groundwater Research Centre Sustaining Donors: Donors contributing $50,000 or more will be recognized on the donor wall.

Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Innovation Fund:

By its nature, innovation is both strategic and opportunistic – moving steadily forward through ongoing concerted effort, yet often taking sudden leaps on the strength of breakthroughs. The G360 Research Innovation Fund focuses investment in two vital areas: ideas and people.  This fund will allow the Institute to allocate funds swiftly and efficiently to high-potential projects in order to seize opportunities as they arise.  It will also enhance the Institute’s research and teaching capacity through professorships and fellowships, enrich student accessibility and learning through scholarships and experiential learning programs, and engage with the public and partners in advancing all aspects of the Institute’s mission: groundwater research, learning and advocacy.


Learn more about supporting the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute:

Contact Dan Penfold, Senior Development Manager,
College of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Guelph

Download the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute Case for Support


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