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Nokom’s House: A Land-Based Indigenous Research Hub

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Nokom's House ( Formerly Nokum’s House) is a land-based research lab in the University of Guelph Arboretum that will bring together three community-engaged Indigenous scholars to explore questions of relationship in an interdisciplinary research environment. The construction of a sustainable Indigenous land-based research lab on campus in close relationship to the land will be one of the first of its kind and embody the values that ground the research carried out within.


Nokom's House (Formerly Nokum's House) will provide a hub for Dr. Kim Anderson (Family Relations and Applied Nutrition), Dr. Sheri Longboat (Rural Planning and Development) and Dr. Brittany Luby (History), their students and associated community partners to explore learning, planning and community development by engaging with "all our relations" (human, ancestral/spirit, and the natural world). This team of Indigenous female researchers will work collaboratively with community grandmothers to implement projects of research that advance wellness for humans and the natural world. Considering the shared research objectives of Anderson, Longboat and Luby are centered on the concept of being in good relation, having a space that facilitates and integrates the cultivation of good relationships among humans and other-than-humans is of great importance. Nokum’s House will be designed to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. The integration of sustainable technologies has the potential to provide opportunities for monitoring energy performance, creating a site for ongoing sustainable energy research



While the researchers have specific programs of research, distinct projects and diverse disciplinary approaches, Nokum’s House will facilitate collaboration in larger shared questions of the potential for decolonizing space and place in a campus environment.

Our goal is to:

  • Create a space where University and local community can engage in practices that enhance wellness through relationship building with “all our relations” (human, natural world and spirit world).
  • Provide a land-based learning environment for Indigenous community planning and development.
  • Establish a community and land-based environment for developing Indigenous pedagogies.
  • Model post-secondary decolonizing spaces and places through innovative pedagogies and community collaboration.

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