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Scholarly Chairs in One Health

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Breaking down silos across animal, human and environmental health.

The most serious issues facing humans, animals, and the environment must be solved collaboratively to provide solutions for complex problems in global health, food safety and security. Leveraging the OVC’s unique potential in One Health, we aim to secure a total of $22,000,000 to create four One Health Research Chairs.


Our world is undeniably interconnected; animal, human and environmental systems are intrinsically linked and issues that affect one area can have lasting, and sometimes devastating impacts, on the health of others.

A One Health approach breaks down the silos at this interface. It focuses on building bridges, leveraging knowledge from animal, human and environmental health, benefitting society as a whole.

Researchers and veterinarians who understand the power of the One Health framework, with expertise in zoonotic disease prevention and control, in animal health, food and water security, biomedical discovery, comparative and translational medicine, are critical to the this collaborative, integrated approach to solving the critical global health and food security issues impacting us all.

How do we get there? By breaking down silos across animal, human and environmental health. By embracing a One Health approach: healthy animals, healthy people, healthy environment, healthy planet.


Big picture thinking is needed to deliver big world results. Developing new ways to collaborate and share information between animal, human and environmental disciplines is integral to the health of all species including our own. OVC will leverage our existing strengths to become an internationally-recognized champion for the veterinary science link in One Health approaches to critical local and global health issues.

These One Health Research Chairs will model new ways to investigate the world’s most pressing health problems. Examples include potential research chairs in Cardiology, Mental Health, Oncology and Neurology.

They will drive: 

  • Unique curriculum development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels engaging and training more students in One Health fields through expanded programs, courses and training
  • Research programs to enhance collaboration, partnerships and networks with health authorities, industry and academia, further expanding our capacity in One Health research
  • Knowledge mobilization, recognizing OVC as an international leader in One Health approaches to addressing critical local and global health issues

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