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Improve Life Webinar Series: Growing through Challenges & Change

Canaries in a Coal Mine: Lyme Disease, COVID-19, and the Uncalculated Cost of Infectious Diseases 

 This talk will examine the unanswered questions and roadblocks to progress in Lyme disease, and how this might translate to COVID-19. Ultimately, we will explore how the development of an interdisciplinary research program can confront the modern challenges of biology and medicine. Hosted by Dr. Melanie Wills, Director, G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab


Understanding How Natural Health Products Improve Life 

 In this talk, we share how technology is being used as a tool for the identification and authentication of ingredients within natural health products, like coffee, botanicals, and cannabis, and share insights into the efficacy of natural health products to support healthy lifestyles. Hosted Dr. Steven Newmaster, Professor, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, CBS  

The Science of Gratitude



The Future is Now


How to Ace the Virtual Interview


High Pressure Cardiovascular Pressure Reasearch 


Maximizing LinkedIn 


Hunting for Missing Gut Microbes in the Amazonian Jungle 


Keeping Your Pet Fit: Tips from a Veterinary Nutritionist


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