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Heather Bauman

Heather Bauman

Heather Bauman

Program: Doctor of Veterinary Science
Major: Veterinary Medicine

I am a Phase 2 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student.

My family exposed me to humanitarian work at a very early age and it’s something I have strongly identified with ever since.

In March of 2010 I joined a mission trip to Ethiopia where I helped fund and build a floor for an orphanage. I also organized children’s activities and helped college students with their English language skills. On my return home, I continued to fundraise and through support from my church and others, we managed to provide this orphanage with the funds to purchase livestock. They used the animals to create revenue and become self-sufficient!

I was happy to return to Ethiopia in July of 2013 and help as a teacher’s assistant in health and wellness, where I used my experience as a certified lifeguard to teach lifesaving skills. I also co-organized a small retreat for orphaned children. The children were delighted to see more of their country and enjoy time away from the orphanage and it brought them a greater sense of purpose and belonging.

This summer I’m part of a three-month volunteer placement with Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB). In partnership with their Young Volunteers Program and the Ghana Poultry Network (GAPNET), we will be bringing seminars to local farmers in Ghana – the seminars will include topics such as animal care, sanitation, housing, husbandry and medicine.

We will also provide vaccination clinics to help reduce disease. We will vaccinate against Peste des Petitis Ruminants in small ruminants (like sheep and goats) and Newcastle disease in poultry – these illnesses have no known treatment and are transferable to humans. It is gratifying to know that we can protect animals against these diseases but also the farmers caring for them, their families and their neighbours.

I hope that these projects help to improve livestock care, profitability and safety in a way that will bring sustainable development and lasting positive change to the communities of Ghana.

Upon my graduation from OVC, I hope to continue my involvement in veterinary humanitarian projects both locally and abroad. Thank you so much for your extraordinary support.


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