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Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee, 21
Cambridge, ON

Program: Bachelor of Arts and Science Honours Degree
Major: Biology and Political Science

This scholarship allowed me to make an international impact by providing me with the funds to focus on co-creating an international organization called 150 For Change. 150 For Change strove to raise awareness about the accessibility to education in rural Tanzania. We raised over $17,000 for solar powered, non-wifi using educational tablets that were programmed based on the Tanzanian education curriculum. 150 For Change and the CHETI school our organization partnered with were in constant discussion about why certain aspects of education can be so challenging in a rural location. Together we attempted to tackle these problems with modern day technology.

Locally, 150 For Change partnered with a high school interested in our fundraising efforts and taught students from 12-18 about international accessibility to education. We were then asked back to speak to the school's Social Concerns committee to discuss the challenges an international organization faces and how to avoid the "volun-tourism complex".

Upon graduation I hope to go to law school as one day I would love to be an advocate for human rights. In a world where the news constantly updates us on horrendous events, I want to be able to advocate for those affected by them. Whether it be specializing in Canadian immigration law, or working for a non-governmental organization I want to devote my life to helping others.

I also dream of one day being able to teach at the university level. I want to encourage people to advocate and stand up for each other, whether that be through legal action, protests, or investigative journalism.

This scholarship allowed me to give my all to this project as it enabled me to focus on 150 For Change rather than the financial burden of also trying to find money to pay for my own education. Without this additional financial stress while running an international organization I was able to save up enough money to be able to travel to Tanzania and visit the school we had been talking to for so many months.

While in Tanzania myself and 8 other students apart of 150 For Change were able climb and summit Mount Kilimanjaro which was an unforgettable experience.

Before hearing the news that I had been awarded this scholarship I was taking 5 courses a semester, and worked three part time jobs to help cover my general living expense, pay for travel fees, textbooks etc. I could not be more grateful for this scholarship as I was given the opportunity to not only make an international impact, but also had the financial ability to focus more on my own education.

I have since been accepted to study central European politics in Krakow, Poland for a semester. Through this semester abroad, I hope to further my understanding of international politics. This opportunity would not have been possible without the experience and knowledge I have gained through my involvement with 150 For Change. I am so excited for what the next year will bring, I and cannot give enough thanks to those that made it possible.


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