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Roa'a Hamed

Roa’a Hamed

Roa’a Hamed, 20
Kitchener, ON

Program: Bachelor of Science
Major: Bio-Medical Science

The Summerlee Humanitarian Scholarship provides a travel scholarship to allow recipients to make a global impact through humanitarian efforts. While I have not decided what program I would like to volunteer with, I want to provide support for Syrian refugees that are fleeing a devastating war. This scholarship will allow me to make this impact.

My goal is to become involved in advocacy for educational equity, especially for those belonging to marginalized groups in Canada. I strongly believe that everyone deserves the right to an education that is not barred or hindered because of their socio-economic status, race or creed. While I have not decided the exact path I would like to take, I am interested in areas of education policy and/or research.

Thank you Stu and Kim Lang for the tremendous support that you have provided with the Summerlee Humanitarian Scholarship. This scholarship has not only allowed me to maintain focus on my studies, but to also continue contributing to my community by volunteering to support Syrian refugees that are resettling in Canada. I know that future students will be encouraged to support those that are in need of help because of your commitment to humanitarian efforts.



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