2022 Alumni Spotlight Series: Black History Month

Posted: Feb 07, 2022

Jide Atilola (BComm '08) 

Tell us about yourself and how your time at U of G has led you to where you are now.

Hey there, I am Jide Atilola, U of G Business Alumni ‘08. I am a Real Estate Broker here in Guelph and have been running my own business for 9 years. I cherished my time at the U of G and am grateful for my experiences, peers and faculty. I majored in Marketing Management, which focused on consumer behaviour. With that degree, I was able to land some pretty great jobs with Xerox, Canon and most recently Remax.

What will you be focusing on this Black History Month? 

For Black History Month I will be focusing on progress and awareness. As one of few BIPOC families that grew up in Guelph, I am grateful to see this city and campus continuing to diversify. It’s important that our young BIPOC students see themselves in jobs and positions that they want to aspire to.

Who are some notable figures in Black history who inspire you and why?

A figure I would like to highlight this black history month is Sidney Poitier. He recently passed and played an instrumental role for diversity and equality in Hollywood. Like many who came before us, it was individuals like Mr. Poitier who broke down the racial barriers to help pave the way for BIPOC actors in film.

What actions do you think can be done in your industry or community to drive social change?

When I started in my industry there were very few BIPOC realtors to look up to. For me, it’s important to represent my business, clients, race and community to the best of my ability. My hope is that in the years to come different cultures and nationalities will be more accurately represented by businesses in our community.

Social change starts with one person at a time. Through my scholarship with the Lang School of Business, I am able to provide financial support and mentorship to those who identify as BIPOC. The U of G and City of Guelph has always been accepting place and for that I am grateful.


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