Food Day Canada 2021

Posted: Jul 31, 2021

#FoodDayCanada is July 31, 2021 and we want to shine a light on how our U of G alumni are improving and supporting Canada's food systems. We interviewed The SEED food project and Well Baked Box, two companies that U of G grads work at and co-founded, to get more insight on what Food Day Canada means to them. For more information about Food Day Canada visit:



The SEED food project, at Guelph Community Health Centre

Learn about The SEED food project:

U of G alumni that work at The Seed: 

  • Angela Picot (BSc ’16)
  • Tom Armitage (BSc ’13)
  • Robyn Zettler (BSc ’20)
  • Riley Gotz (BA ’18)


Food Day Canada Q&A

Tell us about The SEED and how it supports Canada’s food systems?

The SEED’s goal is to work with others to make Guelph-Wellington region of southern Ontario one of the first communities in Canada where everyone has access to nutritious food, all the time. Our community, like every other region in Canada, has thousands of people who don’t have access to enough nutritious food.

What does Food Day Canada mean to The SEED?

Food Day Canada is a beautiful celebration of food that brings people together. We believe that food is one of the most positive change-makers in our society. When we all work together to make a better and more equitable food system, everyone in the community benefits.

What is something The SEED would like to shine a light on for Food Day Canada?

We would like to shine the light on positive solutions to the problem of food insecurity (Canadians not having access to nutritious food). Imagine if we could all work together to make Food Day Canada a day when everyone in our country has access to nutritious food? That would be an inspiring step forward for everyone!

Well Baked Box

Learn about Well Baked Box:

U of G alumni that work at Well Baked Box: 

  • Stewart Russell, PhD in Biomedical Science 2016
  • Holly Quilitz, BSc Food Science, coop student expected graduation 2024


Food Day Canada Q&A

Tell us about Well Baked Box and how it supports Canada’s food systems?  

Well Baked Box is a recipe kit delivery service breaking the barriers to healthy baking. We are locally focused, sourcing high-quality and nutritious ingredients to help people bake fresh delicious baked goods in the comfort of their home. We are committed to sustainability which is why our packaging is 100% reusable or biodegradable.

What does Food Day Canada mean to Well Baked Box?  

Food Day Canada is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the beautiful variety of cuisine we enjoy. At Well Baked Box, this is a great time to empower our community with easy, fun, and tasty recipe kits to bake with friends and family.

What is something Well Baked Box would like to shine a light on for Food Day Canada?

Canada has some of the greatest variety in fruit and vegetables in the world! We have been loving our blueberry, cherry, and raspberry recipes and are looking forward to peach season.


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