Food Day Canada: Alumni Owned Businesses

Posted: Jul 17, 2023

This Food Day Canada (August 5), we are proud to shine a spotlight on four exceptional alumni-owned businesses who are improving and supporting Canada's food systems. 




Domenique Mastronardi (BEng '21, MA '22) created The Happy Era with a mission to make comfort food that keeps you feeling full and satisfied. Ready-to-eat waffles that taste as good on the go as they do warm, toasted with toppings. With enough protein, fiber, and healthy fats to call it a meal. And ingredients so clean you could have made it at home. 


Yvonne Su


Greg (BSc (Agr) '92) and Cheryl Haskett are the Udderly Ridiculous duo bringing you gourmet goat milk ice cream inspired by the zany herd of goats on their third-generation family farm in Oxford County, Ontario. Together, Cheryl and Greg are on a mission to support agricultural ventures locally and globally, introducing everyone they meet to the pure enjoyment and sophistication of their goat milk ice cream - available in 6 different flavours - so grab a spoon and dig in! Learn more 

Yvonne Su



Founders Angus Ross (BSc (Agr) '02), Nate Ferguson (BSc '12) and Richard Preiss (BSc '12, MA '17) met while working in a yeast research lab at the University of Guelph. A collective love for beer and brewing led them to found Escarpment Laboratories, intending to add value to the craft beverage landscape and hang out in breweries for a living. Learn more

Yvonne Su


Founded in Fall 2022, Ashley Yuen (BComm '23) and Amanda Odorico (BComm '23) were inspired to create Donuts Lift by their shared passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle. They both have a huge sweet tooth and have faced the challenge of feeling guilty when eating sweets. It was difficult to find treats that contain healthier, nutritious ingredients, are vegan and high in protein. Their vision is to create a sustainable business that enables customers to enjoy delicious vegan treats without feeling guilty.

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