Gryphons of the Last Decade (GOLD)

Posted: Oct 03, 2022

Gryphons of the Last Decade (GOLD)

Congratulations on achieving GOLD status! ⭐️ University of Guelph's Gryphons of the Last Decade (GOLD) program creates meaningful events and content for recent grads to stay connected and maintain lifelong relationships with fellow Gryphons.  Update your contact information to stay informed about all things GOLD! 

If you're a new grad, or about to become one, we know you have some questions about where to go from here. We are here to help you make some important life decisions—maybe you want to continue your studies, find employment, move out for the first time, or buy a home. We want to know about your progress and how your life unfolds. Make sure to check out our past webinars to see if there is any helpful advice for your next steps. 

Your 6 - Step ✨GOLD✨ To-Do List:

1. Update your contact information

2. Check out the perks of being a #GuelphGrad

3. Request your free U of G Alumni Card

4. Follow @UofGAlumni on Instagram, LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook  and TikTok

5. Come back for Homecoming and Alumni & Reunion Week

6. Pay it forward and volunteer to help future Guelph students and grads!




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