Lighting the Path - The CORE Mentorship Program at U of G

Posted: Feb 09, 2024

The Creating Opportunities and Racial Equity (CORE) Mentorship Program at U of G pairs upper-year Black and racialized students with a Black or racialized alumni, staff or faculty member. The program is designed to support students in their academic and professional endeavors, while also fostering a strong community network, both on campus and in the Guelph area. This past semester, five alumni dedicated their time and expertise to meet with students one-on-one and navigate their academic and professional challenges.

A third-year bio-medical science student shared their experience: "Being part of CORE has been a transformative journey. My mentor has not only guided me through the complexities of my studies, but also helped me connect with my identity and community in ways I had never imagined."

The CORE program matches students with professionals including alumni, staff and faculty based on shared interests, academic and career goals, and cultural backgrounds. This unique pairing system has resulted in robust mentor-mentee relationships that have led to increased academic success, career readiness, and a stronger sense of community among participants.

A mentor reflected, “Being a mentor for the CORE mentorship program at U of G allowed me to provide a female student the opportunity for connection. A connection, based on shared lived experience and understanding, that I desperately craved during my undergraduate studies. Intentional community building within institutions for racialized and equity-deserving people is essential in creating a feeling of belonging, safety, and well-being. As I reflect on my time with my mentees, I can only hope that others get the opportunity to impact the next generation of leaders.”

With the approach of the spring semester, the CORE program is looking to expand its reach and invites alumni to be part of this enriching experience. The program has been praised for its role in enhancing the university's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Alumni interested in participating are encouraged to fill out this form. As the University develops and supports initiatives like CORE, alumni remain a cornerstone of its mission to improve life by cultivating leaders who are ready to make a difference in a diverse world.


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