Martin Henry Bosch scholarships ignite a legacy of aid for U of G chemistry students

Posted: Jan 13, 2023


Donors like Dr. Martin Bosch are providing essential support for students to pursue graduate education.

Dr. Martin Bosch, B.Sc. ’69, M.Sc. ’71 and PhD ’04 has an almost 60-year connection to the University of Guelph. As a three-time U of G graduate, he earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry in 1969 and, in 1971, his Master of Science. He has fond memories of his time at U of G, stating, “my undergraduate degree in chemistry was my favourite, so much so I wanted to continue at the University of Guelph to complete my master’s”. After his MSc, Bosch went on to be very successful in his many ventures, most notably as owner of the Guelph Soap Co. Inc. While leading the company, Martin brought his passion for philanthropy into his career. In 1987, the company established the Guelph Soap Company Scholarship given to a chemistry student at the University of Guelph.

Martin has been an active member of the University of Guelph community and deeply understands the importance of alumni support. In 1997, named after his three sons, he began the Graham, Fraser and Trevor Bosch Scholarship in Chemistry to provide financial support for undergraduate students in chemistry. Shortly after this scholarship began, Martin’s thirst for knowledge brought him back to the University of Guelph to pursue his PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In 2004, he completed his PhD while balancing the needs of the Guelph Soap Co. Inc.

Bosch reflected on his time at U of G and noticed a great financial need for students pursuing graduate education, specifically in chemistry. “Financial need should not be a barrier to pursuing graduate studies and continuing in higher education” explains Bosch. Martin wanted to help and appreciated the opportunity to have his donation matched through a Graduate Scholarship Matching program created by the Ontario Government. Through this program, private funding of $150,000 or more is matched to created endowed graduate student scholarships.

Martin saw this initiative as an opportunity to have a great impact on students, and he established the Martin Henry Bosch Doctoral Scholarships for Chemistry. These scholarships provide two annual awards of $20,000 each for students with high admission averages and strong research potential. Martin hopes the funding will provide “a hands-on opportunity for students to begin to pursue their PhD”. The goal of this scholarship is to allow top-performing students to continue in higher education without financial stressors acting as a barrier for achieving their dreams. The first of these awards were given out in Fall 2022.

Martin’s passion for the University of Guelph’s chemistry department and gratitude for the career and success it enabled has fostered in him a desire to remain engaged and help others.

“My time at the University of Guelph provided me with the educational background to pursue my successful career endeavours. This is my way of giving back and saying thank you!”


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