Note from Rob Adams, Eng '83: What would you do without your tech?

Posted: Aug 31, 2020

These last few months of quarantine have made me especially grateful for the connectedness that my laptop and phone offer. Imagine not being able to video call with your loved ones.

On a more serious note, imagine if your home technology wasn't up to par and you couldn't get your work done. This is a reality that a number of engineering students are facing: they're expected to keep up with virtual assignments, including lab work, without consistent access to specialized applications and using technology that may be of date.

But, the School of Engineering has an innovative solution, and I invite you to join me in making it happen.

Several of the computer labs on campus are approaching a time for critical upgrades, at which point, as much e-waste is recycled as possible. Rather than waiting to replace the aging infrastructure, the School is piloting a computer loan initiative whereby students can use these machines - fully licensed with specialized programs - from their homes until campus re-opens.

The upfront costs have already been borne by the Engineering Highest Priority, and by the student contributions to the Engineering Equipment Fund but there are still costs associated with replacing old machines. This is where we - the alumni - come in. It's our turn now to give back, and pay it forward.

I'm personally invested in supporting this initiative, and removing barriers to a high quality engineering education. I have pledged to match up to $25,000 of contributions to the Engineering Highest Priority this year, so if you join me in giving, your donation will be doubled. 

Please, click the link below today and make your gift. It's easy to feel saddened by the state of affairs these days, but I urge you to look for the examples of creativity, problem solving and community support to feel a renewed sense of hope. This is a prime example at our own alma mater. I hope you agree that an engineering education at Guelph is worth our support.


Rob Adams, Engineering '83


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