Q & A with Loyal Donor Michelle Dueckman

Posted: Oct 11, 2023

In honour of Loyal Donor Appreciation Week, we are celebrating the impact our community of loyal donors has made on the University of Guelph (U of G). Today, we are honoured to share the inspiring story of Michelle Dueckman, a proud U of G alumna and an unwavering supporter of the U of G.

Meet Michelle Dueckman

Michelle began her academic journey at U of G, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Science minoring in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Science. Here, she found her passion for the prevention of chronic diseases and injuries which led her to pursue her graduate degree with U of G in the Master of Public Health program. Since graduating in 2016 Michelle has embarked on a career journey in the public health industry focusing on knowledge translation. Currently, Michelle is the Manager of Knowledge Translation and Programs for the fall prevention program at Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention. Michelle brings her passion to life by bridging the gap between knowledge and practice, by uniting practitioners, caregivers, researchers, and policy planners to share knowledge, expertise and inform practice to advance the field of fall prevention across all stages of life.

A legacy of giving back: Michelle’s loyal support

Michelle's dedication to the University of Guelph extends beyond her academic journey. For over 5 years, she has been a loyal donor, channeling her generosity through the Alumni Engagement Centre Scholarship. This scholarship is generously funded by former employees of the Alumni House Call Centre and holds a special memory for Michelle, as she spent many hours in the Alumni Call Centre during her student days. The scholarship aims to offer students financial support who just like Michelle, work diligently in the Alumni Call Centre while pursuing their studies at U of G. These students often juggle their studies with their part-time jobs at the centre, reaching out to alumni, building connections, and sharing the University's progress and achievements. It is a role that requires dedication and a true sense of being part of the U of G community.

For Michelle, giving back is rooted in her beliefs in the importance of community. She understood the profound impact a financial gift can have on a student. Her gift to the University of Guelph aims to alleviate the financial strain on students and is a testament to the importance of community and the significance of giving. She knows every amount of giving is important and plays a pivotal role in improving life.

“The Alumni Call Centre was a community for me, and I want to support the next generation of students engaged with the Alumni Call Centre. It’s hard to balance school, work, and social life, and from my experience, the students working in the Alumni Call Centre always did it with grace, optimism and kindness.” - Michelle Dueckman

Through Michelle’s continued support she carried forward the spirit of giving that makes the University of Guelph a place where community can thrive, and futures are built with the help of generous donors like her.

Most memorable memories with U of G

Upon reflection, Michelle shares her cherished memories of being a U of G student. One that sticks out is the return to campus every September when the air has a slight chill, experiencing the joy of reuniting with friends after the summer break and the excitement of the new school year beginning. A nostalgic memory many of our alumni can resonate with.

Whether it is through financial contributions, volunteering, or sharing your own journey, your involvement can leave an indelible mark on the U of G community. To learn more about giving to the University of Guelph visit our how to give page or contact us today.


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