U of G Alumni Book Collection

Posted: Apr 23, 2024


We've curated a list of books authored by U of G alumni! We have genres ranging from children's books to personal memoirs, and many great books to add to your reading list!


In The Upper Country book cover

In the Upper Country

Follow the story of Lensinda Martin, who is summoned to interview an old woman in Dunmore, ON, Canada, who shot and killed a slave hunter. Refusing to confess, the woman offers a deal: a story for a story. Through their tales, the intertwined histories of indigenous and black people in North America emerge, potentially altering Lensinda's fate. View book.

Author: Kai Thomas, MFA '20

Belly, Boobs and Belly Laughs bookcover

Belly, Boobs and Belly Laughs

This memoir by a breast cancer survivor is a reminder to cancer patients, their families and friends that you are still you and you are most definitely still allowed to laugh. View book.

Author: Brenda Roden, BA '87

The Stone Thrower book cover

The Stone Thrower

A moving story written by a daughter as she discovers her own black history while uncovering her father's legendary past in football. View book.

Author: Jael Richardson, BA '03, MFA '10


The Stone Carvers bookcover


The Stone Carvers

Set in the first half of the twentieth century, but reaching back to Bavaria in the late nineteenth century, The Stone Carvers weaves together the story of ordinary lives marked by obsession and transformed by art. View book.

Author: Jane Urquhart, BA '71, O.C., Honorary Doctor of Letters


Oh She Glows For Dinner Cookbook


Oh She Glows for Dinner

Oh She Glows Cookbook: Nourishing Plant-Based Meals to Keep You Glowing is packed with more than 100 dinner- and lunch- friendly vegan recipes. View book.

Author: Angela Liddon, BA '06


The Conspiracy of Chickens book cover


The Conspiracy of Chickens

In this wide-ranging memoir, Waltner-Toews shares not only his joys and misadventures with chickens but also reflects our history and relationship with chickens, with the urban animals surrounding us, and with the ecosystem that contains us all. View book.

Author: Dr. David Waltner-Toews, PhD '85


Over Our Heads book cover


Over Our Heads

Over Our Heads weaves together the histories of two very different half-sisters who return home to deal with the aftermath of their grandmother's death.  View book.

Author: Andrea Thompson, MFA '12


The Pet Doctor's Shoes


The Pet Doctors Shoes

Dr. Phil Caldwell has been a veterinarian for over 25 years and has some well-worn shoes to prove it. He covers all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine including surgery, aggressive pets, steep invoices, house calls and why working with humans is sometimes more difficult than working with animals. View book.

Author: Dr. Phil Caldwell, DVM '94


Code Noir book cover


Code Noir

Canisia Lubrin's debut fiction is that rare work of art - a brilliant, startingly original book that combines immense literary and political force. It's structure is deceptively simple: it departs from the infamous real-life "Code Noir", a set of historical decrees originally passed in 1685 by King Louis XIV of France defining the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire. View book.

Author: Canisia Lubrin, MFA '15


George's Energy Adventure


George's Energy Adventure

Take the journey to discover how energy diversification powers your world! The story describes George's project at Edison's Inventors Camp to power his own city. View book.

Author: Naif Siddiqui, B.Eng '10



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